For Professionals :: Understanding Pregnancy Best Practices

See What You Read was created to simplify your prenatal teaching in a class setting, during one-on-one visits in the clinic, office, or home, and for parents to use on their own.

The booklet was designed for ease of use, with its convenient size, color-coded chapters, and glossary-index for quick reference.

The commercial-free See What You Read website is set up to help users easily find the video clips they want to watch, along with helpful interactive web tools and PDFs that provide important supplemental information. Plus, its compatibility with smart phones and tablets makes it accessible anywhere. Finally, the optional weekly My Baby & Me automatic emails provide parents with bite-sized pieces of pregnancy information and advice timed to their due date.

The booklet and website can be used several ways:

For Pregnancy Classes & Centering Groups
See What You Read: Understanding Pregnancy is the perfect class companion and provides valuable take-home information for topics that you can't fit into your time-crunched classes.

  • You can refer to specific pages while you teach, or use the material in the book as a discussion starter. There are many write-in exercises and checklists in the book, which you could have parents start together during class.
  • You can download the related PDFs from the website and print copies to distribute in class.
  • The video clips* on support the material you cover in class. You could play the "Fetal Development Tour" web bonus clip as a class teaser—it features fascinating animation of the baby's development throughout pregnancy that can inspire parents at any stage of pregnancy.
  • If your group meets over time (such as a Centering Group), you can spread out your teaching; for instance, you could cover a certain chapter or topic area in each class, such as nutrition one week and exercise the next.
  • Since parents can use the booklet as a helpful reference throughout pregnancy, visit the website during your teaching to show parents how to log on and all the features it includes. Encourage parents to sign up for the My Baby & Me weekly emails. After class, send parents an email inviting them to log on. You can find a sample email here and a handy email sign-up sheet to use in class here.

For Clinic Use & Home Visits
See What You Read: Understanding Pregnancy is also well-suited for use in one-on-one teaching situations, such as in a clinic or home visit.

  • A book can be provided by a nurse or other professional to each family when they join your clinic or program. Together, you can review the content with the family as needed, including watching videos* from the website.
  • If you see the same family over time, you can present the information by topic using the different chapters, such as nutrition one week and exercise the next. You could also present certain information as it relates and changes according to their stage in pregnancy (such as the fetal development information, prenatal test options, and discomforts)—you could revisit these topics as they start each new trimester.
  • Although some of the PDFs allow the user to fill in blank fields and save, you can also print copies of the PDFs for the family if they don't have access to a printer. You could choose the PDFs you provide according to the family's unique situation. For example, families who are nutritionally at-risk might need copies of the "Food Diary or Menu & Grocery Planner," while families expecting twins might appreciate a copy of "Information for a Multiples Pregnancy."
  • If possible, visit the website during your teaching to help parents log on for the first time, and show them all the features it includes. Suggest parents to sign up for the My Baby & Me weekly emails. If you don't have time to visit the website together, you can send parents an email inviting them to log on. You can find a sample email here.

For Take-Home Only
The See What You Read: Understanding Pregnancy book is well-organized and complete by itself, so it could also be provided to families to use at home on their own.

  • Again, it's helpful to briefly explain the website features using the inside front cover of the book if possible, and encourage them to go online to get the most out of their See What You Read experience. If you have their email address, you can send parents an email inviting them to log on. You can find a sample email here.
  • Suggest parents to sign up for the My Baby & Me weekly emails from the site to reinforce their learning.
  • Encourage them to call you (or their healthcare provider) if they have any questions about what they read and watch.

Complete Curriculum
When used with See What You Read, InJoy's Core Curriculum Programs offer the flexibility of a variety of teaching formats that work together or separately—ensuring the delivery of current, consistent information throughout your organization. Call 800.326.2082 x 2 to learn more about these teaching tools.

Book Ordering Information
InJoy Birth & Parenting Education is the publisher of the See What You Read series. Place an online order for more books or call 800.326.2082 x2.

Other See What You Read titles include:

See What You Read booklets, website, video clips, and printouts are also available in Spanish.

*InJoy authorizes public performance rights for the videos on this website on the condition that the educational institution has purchased a See What You Read printed guide for each viewer or pair of viewers. Showing the videos in an institutional setting to individuals who do not have a See What You Read guide is prohibited.