Get the Most Out of See What You Read

Welcome to the See What You Read For Professionals area! Here you will find tips, tools, and other great information to help you get the most out of See What You Read, a flexible and innovative teaching resource.

See What You Read is an easy-to-read booklet with free access to this award-winning website that features dozens of video clips, web tools, charts, checklists, and more.

See What You Read easily fits into your curriculum, appeals to a wide range of learners, and can be used anytime, anywhere: class, clinic, bedside, mobile devices, and at home. It also works seamlessly with InJoy's companion DVDs, PowerPoint programs, and eClasses. Best of all, it's research-based and annually-reviewed for accuracy.

See What You Read Educator Top 5 Best Practices

Here are a few tips to help you and your clients get the most out of See What You Read:

  • Introduce parents to the website. Direct parents to the inside front cover or page 3 of their booklet where they'll find everything they need to log on to
  • Go online together and show a favorite video clip or web tool
  • Print worksheets, checklists, and other helpful handouts that you can use to supplement your teaching.
  • Send an email to parents inviting them to visit using the parent email sign-up sheet and sample parent email in the right-hand sidebar.
  • Learn more educator best practices by clicking on a book title in the right-hand sidebar.

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