For Professionals :: Understanding Breastfeeding/Better Breastfeeding Best Practices

See What You Read was created to simplify your teaching in a class setting, during a one-on-one home visit, or in the clinic.

The booklet was designed for ease of use, with its convenient size, color-coded chapters, and glossary-index for quick reference.

The commercial-free See What You Read website is set up to help users easily find video clips, along with helpful interactive PDFs that provide important supplemental information. Plus, its compatibility with smart phones and tablets makes it accessible from anywhere. Finally, the optional My Baby & Me automatic emails provide parents with bite-sized pieces of breastfeeding information and advice corresponding to their baby's birth date or age.

The booklet and website can be used several ways:

Newborn Breastfeeding Classes
Use this comprehensive booklet and website in the classroom to educate expectant and new parents about breastfeeding.

  • Improve breastfeeding instruction by designing your curriculum around this visual guide and its printable PDFs that you can use in class for reference, discussion, and as an interactive activity (Example: Show parents how to fill out the "Baby's Daily Feeding Log").
  • Visit the website during your teaching to show parents how to log on and explore what features are included on the site. Suggest that parents sign up for the My Baby & Me automatic emails to help reinforce what they learned in class.
  • At home, clients can continue to use the booklet as a breastfeeding reference. Send clients an email inviting them to log on to to watch video clips and read more on a variety of breastfeeding topics. You can find a sample email here and a handy email sign-up sheet to use in class here.

One-on-One Lactation Consultation
Use this effective hands-on guide to discuss lactation topics and prevent potential breastfeeding challenges during one-on-one visits with clients in the clinic or at home. You can also use the video clips* on the website.

  • Visually reinforce your hands-on teaching using the booklet's clear graphics and well-organized essential information.
  • Visit together to watch breastfeeding video clips* relevant to their issues and to demonstrate specific concepts and techniques
  • Print out PDFs from the website on breastfeeding topics relevant to your clients. (Example: Print "Expressing Milk by Hand" and review steps for hand expression).
  • At home, clients can continue to use the booklet and website as a breastfeeding reference. Send clients an email inviting them to log on. You can find a sample email here. Encourage them to sign up for the My Baby & Me automatic emails.

Basic Lactation Staff Training
Train new lactation educators on the basics of breastfeeding. An excellent teaching resource, this booklet is annually-reviewed by experts from the International Lactation Consultants Association (ILCA), so you can be confident that your staff is getting the most accurate and up-to-date information available.

  • The booklet clearly and concisely explains concepts such as how to achieve and recognize an effective asymmetrical latch, the ILCA and AAP recommended feeding guidelines, along with other need-to-know information.
  • Online video clips* allow new educators to view breastfeeding in action with beautiful, diverse breastfeeding footage, in addition to accurate 3D animation of an asymmetrical latch, and the anatomy of a lactating breast.
  • PDFs can be used as educational reference material or for educators to give to clients during clinic or site visits.

Complete Curriculum
When used with See What You Read, InJoy's Core Curriculum Programs offer the flexibility of a variety of teaching formats that work together or separately—ensuring the delivery of current, consistent information throughout your organization. Call 800.326.2082 x 2 to learn more about these teaching tools.

Staff Training

(1.5 Contact hours available from ILCA for both programs. Fees apply.)

  • Breastfeeding Best Practice - Features expert lactation consultants modeling the essential, basic breastfeeding support practices.
  • Meeting Early Breastfeeding Challenges - Uses clinical scenarios and anticipatory guidance to teach research-based techniques that help new moms overcome the most common early breastfeeding challenges.

Book Ordering Information
InJoy Birth & Parenting Education is the publisher of the See What You Read series. Place an online order for more books or call 1.800.326.2082 x2.

Other See What You Read titles include:

See What You Read booklets, website, video clips, and printouts are also available in Spanish.

*InJoy authorizes public performance rights for the videos on this website on the condition that the educational institution has purchased a See What You Read printed guide for each viewer or pair of viewers. Showing the videos in an institutional setting to individuals who do not have a See What You Read guide is prohibited.