For Professionals :: Understanding Mother & Baby Care/Mother and New Baby Care Best Practices

See What You Read was created to simplify your discharge teaching in class, home, or at bedside.

The booklet was designed for ease of use, starting with its convenient size, color-coded chapters, and glossary-index for quick reference.

The commercial-free See What You Read website is set up to help users easily find the video clips they want to watch, along with helpful PDFs that provide important supplemental information. Plus, its compatibility with smart phones and tablets makes it accessible from anywhere. Finally, the optional My Baby & Me automatic emails provide parents with concise mother and new baby care information and advice timed to their baby's age.

The booklet and website can be used several ways:

Discharge Procedures at the Hospital
Postpartum nurses can use this booklet and website to educate new parents about postpartum care and recovery.

  • Improve discharge instruction by using the booklet as a visual guide to cover mother care, feeding, and baby care. Refer to the helpful color photos and concise bullet-point lists, and make notes right in the booklet if you need to highlight care instructions.
  • Give specific directions and write down healthcare provider appointments by filling out the personalized information page in the back of the booklet.
  • Ask patients to fill out the Mother and Baby Care Review in the back of the booklet to assess their understanding and review important health information.
  • Show parents how to log on to the website, or point out the simple instructions on the inside front cover. Encourage parents with internet access to sign up for the My Baby & Me automatic emails.
  • Use the videos* on the website to demonstrate essential techniques for successful maternal recovery, newborn feeding, and care.
  • Show patients how to track their newborn's feedings and diapers with the sample "Feeding Log" on page 26, which is also available as a PDF download on the See What You Read website.
  • Print any other PDFs on topics, such as "When to Call the Healthcare Provider," that you want to give your patients.

Patient Reference at Home
After leaving the hospital, parents can continue to use the booklet and website as a reference tool for their postpartum recovery.

  • The booklet will serve as reminder of what was taught at the hospital and will answer common questions about newborn and maternal care, feeding, and warning signs.
  • Once at home, new parents can visit to learn more about postpartum issues they may face in the coming weeks. If you have their email address, send them an email inviting them to log on and learn more. You can find a sample email here. Suggest that patients sign up for the My Baby & Me automatic emails from the site.

Complete Curriculum
When used with See What You Read, InJoy's Core Curriculum Programs offer the flexibility of a variety of teaching formats that work together or separately—ensuring the delivery of current, consistent information throughout your organization. Call 800.326.2082 x 2 to learn more about these teaching tools.

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Book Ordering Information
InJoy Birth & Parenting Education is the publisher of the See What You Read series. Place an online order for more books or call 1-800-326-2082 ext. 2.

Other See What You Read titles include:

See What You Read booklets, website, video clips, and printouts are also available in Spanish.

*InJoy authorizes public performance rights for the videos on this website on the condition that the educational institution has purchased a See What You Read printed guide for each viewer or pair of viewers. Showing the videos in an institutional setting to individuals who do not have a See What You Read guide is prohibited.